Machine learning is a key provider of global end-to-end IT services for businesses of all types. We have offices spanning the globe and provide a variety of outsourcing services, including: application development, customized software development, offshore software development, quality assurance and training, along with other pertinent outsourcing services.

Our Mission/Vision

“To provide the most sophisticated IT programs and services available to the global business market.”

In order to accommodate clients with this outstanding service, Machine learning has to merge exceptional IT talent and experience with large scale delivery potential, as well as, the capabilities offered by our world class partnerships with significant software vendors.

Business Focus

Global End-to-End IT Services – Machine learning serves both small and large scale businesses all across the world. This augments our client base and provides many different types of businesses the opportunity to see what Silkroad Infotech can do for them.

Offshore Application Development – We have numerous offshore locations across the globe, which provide a variety of outsourcing services. These services are cost efficient while offering the flexibility and productivity required by every business.

Customized Software Development – We work with top-notch software vendors to personally customize an IT program that is compatible for your company.

Quality Assurance and Training – We ensure that every IT program is fully functional and customized to your satisfaction. Our professionals offer online and onsite training for employees needing to learn about our innovative software programs.

Outsourcing Services – Silkroad Infotech also offers a variety of other outsourcing services including offshore product development and maintenance, IT outsourcing, as well as, on-site consulting for employees.

Clients and Partners

In order to maintain a high level of success, Silkroad Infotech values the client relationship on all levels. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with all of our clients, and we do this by providing superior products and service. Every client is given the utmost attention when he or she contacts Silkroad Infotech. The current business environment is surveyed by our IT professionals, and we check to see what kind of software applications the company is using before implementing our global knowledge and professional attitude to tackle the issues at hand. We specialize in many different business sectors including:

  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Service Industry
  • Media, Entertainment and Publishing
  • Government Sectors

By working hand in hand with key partners, we are able to provide the best service to all of our clients. These partners include:

Delivery Model

Machine learning uses local and global cost effective resources in order to provide the most professional service to all of our clients. We have IT professionals stationed all across the world, ready to offer their knowledge by continuous delivery experience, and dedication when needed. We are devoted to providing the most quality IT products and the highest level of satisfaction for every client, while allowing the business to remain technologically self-sufficient. Our cost effective outsourcing services offer the flexibility and job productivity required for every business to reach new heights.